Cabela's African Safari

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Bonus weapons

Accumulate the indicated number of Hunters Points in African Safari mode to unlock the corresponding weapon:

    .44 custom handgun: 5,000 points
    12 gauge custom shotgun: 12,000 points
    .410 over under custom shotgun: 15,000 points
    .300 custom rifle: 19,000 points
    .505 custom rifle: 25,000 points
    .243 custom rifle: 32,000 points
    .416 custom rifle: 40,000 points

Animal awareness

When hunting, animals appear as dots (red, yellow, or green). Around the dot is a white circle, which is the animal's awareness. To make the circle smaller you must crouch, and while crouching move forward slowly. Stop regularly to let the circle go down faster. If you make any sudden movements, walk in water or other noisy terrain, or stand up, the awareness circle will rapidly grow larger. It is important to watch the awareness circle because the animal you are hunting may run away if its a zebra, kudu, etc; or it may run toward you and attack if it is a cheetah, rhino, wild dog, etc.

Animal dots

To determine if a dot is the animal you are hunting or a dangerous predator you need to know what each color represents. A green dot signifies the animal(s) you are currently hunting. A yellow dot signifies that the animal is harmless but not you current target/game. A red dot signifies that the animal is dangerous and will come toward you and attack if you step inside their awareness circle.

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