Capcom Classics Collection Remixed

Corey Feldman Interview

Celebrity GamerZ - Jay & Silent Bob's Jason Mewes Video Game Interview

Music player

Successfully complete the game to unlock the music player.

Art gallery

Successfully complete the indicated task in the corresponding game to unlock the art gallery for that title:

    1941: Defeat the Krote, the level 4 Boss
    Avengers: Successfully complete level 4 and rescue the girl
    Bionic Commando: Get over 25,000 points
    Black Tiger: Defeat the level 3 Boss
    Block Block: Successfully complete an extended bonus
    Captain Commando: Defeat Dr. T.W., the level 5 Boss
    Final Fight: Pick up Eddie E's Bubble Gum
    Forgotten Worlds: Successfully complete three stages
    Last Duel: Get over 100,000 points
    Legendary Wings: Find a "Lucky!" hidden area
    Magic Sword: Reach level 20 of the tower
    Mega Twins: Enter the Monster Castle
    Quiz & Dragons: Get over 200,000 points
    Section Z: Successfully complete Section E
    Side Arms: Defeat the level 3 Boss
    Street Fighter: Reach Thailand
    Strider: Defeat Captain Beard Jr. in level 3
    The Speed Rumbler: Successfully complete level 3 (Stone Hill)
    Three Wonders: Finish one the games
    Varth: Defeat the Steel Golem in level 15.

In-game hints

Successfully complete the indicated task in the corresponding game to unlock the in-game hints for that title:

    1941: Get over 500,000 points
    Avengers: Get over 20,000 points
    Bionic Commando: Successfully complete level 1
    Black Tiger: Get over 25,000 points
    Block Block: Successfully complete the beginner course
    Captain Commando: Get over 30,000 points
    Final Fight: Play as all three characters
    Forgotten Worlds: Get over 15,000 points
    Last Duel: Get over 50,000 points
    Legendary Wings: Get over 30,000 points
    Magic Sword: Get over 120,000 points
    Mega Twins: Get over 15,000 points
    Quiz & Dragons: Enter the Flatfield from level 2
    Section Z: Get over 70,000 points
    Side Arms: Get over 200,000 points
    Street Fighter: Get over 60,000 points
    Strider: Get the Terapodal Robopanther
    The Speed Rumbler: Get over 20,000 points
    Three Wonders: Play all three games
    Varth: Get over 250,000 points

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