Dead Or Alive: Paradise

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Beach Flags mini-game

Repeatedly relax with Hitomi at various locations to unlock the Beach Flags mini-game.

Butt Battle mini-game

Get 100 Venus Clips to unlock the Butt Battle mini-game.

"Go Home Tomorrow" option

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Go Home Tomorrow" option at the hotel.

"Private Paradise" option

Successfully complete the game (full fourteen days with your first character) to unlock the "Private Paradise" option at the main menu. This option allows you to view any of the single player relaxation cutscenes from the game you completed on Zack Island.

Play as Rio

Defeat Rio with a blackjack (Ace plus any face card) to make her available to partner with in the game. Her favorite color is hot pink, and her preferred food is Ice Tea or Ginger Cookies. It takes a lot of gifts to get her to like you enough to partner with, especially if you are playing as Christie. Once you partner with Rio, Zack will give you a gift that tells you about a special challenge. The special challenge is to defeat Rio with another blackjack. After you do this, a message will appear saying Rio is now a playable character.

Christie's Slot Machine

Get all girls' Venus Clips to 99% to unlock Christie's Slot Machine.

Pole dancing clips

Unlock Christie's Slot Machine. Then, get the jackpot on her slot machine to receive a "Secret Ticket" as a present from Zack.

Alternate volleyballs

Get the indicated number of wins at volleyball to unlock the corresponding ball:

    Gold volleyball: 30 wins
    Silver volleyball: 10 wins
    Strange volleyball: 50 wins

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