Family Guy

Corey Feldman Interview

Level select

At the main menu, press Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Start to unlock all levels.

Stewie's weapons

Collect the indicated number of parts and combine them to unlock the corresponding weapon:

    Heat Seeking Warheads: Collect 700 Parts
    Hyper Plasma Ball 1: Collect 300 Parts
    Hyper Plasma Ball 2: Collect 400 Parts
    Plasma Artillery 1: Collect 200 Parts
    Plasma Artillery 2: Collect 300 Parts
    Plasma Ball 1: Collect 100 Parts
    Plasma Ball 2: Collect 200 Parts
    Rocket Launcher 1: Collect 500 Parts
    Rocket Launcher 2: Collect 700 Parts
    Shock Wave 1: Collect 400 Parts
    Shock Wave 2: Collect 500 Parts
    Spread Shot 2: Collect 100 Parts

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