Caster's Merciful Sky skill

Kill 5 Nephilim enemies to upgrade Caster's Mantra: Bestial Sky to Merciful Sky. You will then have a conversation available in your Private Room to Bestial Sky. Merciful Sky will increase the next spell's power more than Bestial Sky but increases the MP required from 30 to 60.

Saber's Thunderous Applause skill

Upgrade Saber's Artillery Applause skill by using between 100 to 200 items during your run through the arena. You will then be able to speak with Saber in your Private Room. She will talk about wasteful spending, and you will get a confirmation the Artillery Applause has been upgraded to Thunderous Applause. Note: It costs 40 MP instead of 60 MP.

Noble Phantasms

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Noble Phantasm. Note: They can be unlocked in Chapter 5, before the Boss battle with Assassin.

    Blessings Of Amaterasu: Select Caster, and use nine skills. It can be activated on the skill list.
    Theater Of The Damned: Select Saber. It can be activated on the skill list during the fourth round.
    Unlimited Blade Works: Select Archer, and use Pre-Projection six times.

Fighting Ryougi Shiki

Begin a second playthrough. Successfully complete all of Taiga's requests after the seventh week. Taiga will give you a message stating the arena is dangerous. Go there, and reach the end of the floor to battle Ryougi Shiki.

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