Final Fantasy 4: The Complete Collection
The After Years bonus chapters

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding chapter:

    Kain's Tale - "Return Of The Dragoon": Successfully complete Ceodore's Tale and any other character's tale.
    The Crystals' Tale - "Planet Eater": Successfully complete every tale up to and including the Lunarians'.
    The Lunarians' Tale - "The Blue Planet That Was": Successfully complete every tale up to and including Kain's.

1991 Developers' Office

Enter the Dwarven Castle, and find the Lali-ho Pub with the single drunk dancing dwarf. It is found between the weapon and armor shops. Approach the crack in the floor at the bottom right. Keep walking to the right, and you will eventually find a stairwell. Go downstairs, and find the "1991 Developers' Office" sign. Enter the room to have random encounters with the game's developers and find NPCs based on the developers.

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