Harvest Moon: Hero Of Leaf Valley

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Note: This game is also titled Bokujou Monogatari: Sugar Mura To Minna No Negai.

Blue Mist Seeds

In Lyla's storyline, raise her to 20 FP and sell four crops to unlock Blue Mist Seeds in her Story Quest.


Work part-time for Ronald regularly to get an egg. Place it in the incubator to get your first chicken.


Work part-time for Woody regularly to eventually be able to chop trees for lumber.


Work part-time for Bob regularly to eventually get a free horse from him during the summer.


Work part-time for Rudolph regularly.

Easy money

The description of the part-time job Bob gives you at Sterling Ranch is misleading. Instead of paying 300 G, it actually is 50 G per hour resulting in over 1000 G each day.

In the Summer, buy watermelon seeds (50 G, they reproduce), and grow them. It takes sixteen days for them to grow. An additional five days are required after that to get another one in its place. They will sell for 150 G each.

Easy Stamina recovery

After buying the kitchen and bathroom upgrade, you will refill approximately half of your maximum Stamina when you use the shower. Use it after you do your daily chores in the farm. You can also use AP Medicine, which recovers all Stamina and Tiredness, but costs 1000 G in the Item Shop.

Alternate color of hero's clothes

After you purchase the kitchen and bathroom upgrade, your hero's clothes will change color from white and blue to red and black when you take a shower. The opposite change will also happen.

Dog finder

Note: Your dog must have at least three hearts. To check hearts, go to bed, and select "Balance Sheet". Also, the Ocarina is required (450 G at Item Shop). Play the Ocarina by holding Square, then press Down, Left, Up. Your dog will sniff around and eventually dig something up. Your dog can dig up Power Berry, Pontata Roots, and Truffles. You can also carry the dog out of your farm area and search other areas.

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