NBA Street Showdown

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Own The Courts mode

Create a tall player with good "Block," "Power," and "Rebound" abilities. If you create a point-guard like player, it will be exceedingly difficult to complete defensive and shot-blocking challenges.

Winning the 30 Pick-Up Games trophy

When setting up a pick up game, have it so that you have one point until you win by going to the "My Rules" option just before the game. Go to "Spot Points" and set it so that you have all the points needed until you only have to get one point.

Street legends in King Of The Court mode

All street legends you meet in King Of The Court mode have a "perfect" stat. The legends are as follows with their best stat:

    Prodigy: Dunks
    Dime: Steals
    Stretch: Dunks
    Phat: Power
    Takashi: Blocks
    Bobbito Garcia: Dunks
    Bonafide: Rebounds
    Rock: Blocks
    Biggie Littles: Handles


Accomplish the following tasks to unlock the first three trophies in the "Rewards" section. A fourth trophy is unlocked after the other three are won.

    Win King Of The Courts mode
    Win thirty Quick Play games
    Win level 17 of the Arcade Shootout mini-game and level 13 of the Shot Block mini-game

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