No Gravity: The Plague Of Mind

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Colonel J. Anderson and alternate paint colors

Play Mission 30 on the Veteran difficulty. Locate the secret station landing pad, then destroy all the ground missile launchers in the city. Fly to the warp gate as instructed. Fly into the secret tunnel, and destroy all the generators to unlock a bonus pilot and two alternate paint colors.

Ion Blaster

Reach Mission 25 to unlock the Ion Blaster.

Photon torpedoes

Reach Mission 20 on the Veteran difficulty to unlock the Photon torpedoes.

Hero mode

Successfully complete Mission 30 on the Veteran difficulty to unlock the Hero difficulty.


Successfully complete an episode to unlock a new movie.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding entitlement:

    Novice (5 P): Complete the tutorial (Mission 01).
    Recruit (10 P): Complete the 1st episode.
    Corporal (10 P): Complete the 2nd episode.
    Sergeant (10 P): Complete the 3rd episode.
    Officer (10 P): Complete the 4th episode.
    Colonel (10 P): Complete the 5th episode.
    General (100 P): Complete the 6th episode.
    We've done it (25 P): Complete the alternate end game (complete mission 31 under the Veteran difficulty).
    Space monkey (50 P): Complete the 1st episode in Hero difficulty.
    Starbuck (50 P): Complete the 2nd episode in Hero difficulty.
    Our Hero (50 P): Complete the 3rd episode in Hero difficulty.
    I am Legend (50 P): Complete the 4th episode in Hero difficulty.
    Epic (50 P): Complete the 5th episode in Hero difficulty.
    Elite (200 P): Complete the 6th episode in Hero difficulty.
    Been there, done that (25 P): Complete the alternate end game in Hero difficulty (complete mission 31 under the Hero difficulty).
    Space Ace (10 P): Perform 50 rolls.
    Mine sweeper (25 P): Destroy 150 mines.
    Eliminator (25 P): Destroy 50 enemies.
    Space wrecker (50 P): Kill 100 enemies.
    Gauntlet of Doom (25 P): Kill 5 enemies with Ion blaster.
    Armageddon (25 P): Destroy 50 asteroids.
    The Collector (10 P): Collect 50 bonuses.
    Hunger of Knowledge (10 P): Watch every cinematic (must be done from "Movies" option, cannot skip).
    Vogue (10 P): Complete a level with all the different ships (McCudden, Kazawa, Bishop, and Anderson).
    Spy Game (10 P): Complete the infiltration level without getting detected.
    Untouchable (50 P): Complete 5 levels without getting damaged.
    Tireless (15 P): Retry a mission 20 times (use "Retry" option 20 times on any number of missions).
    Defeat Robot (15 P): Defeat xenomorphic robot in battle.
    Defeat Pirate (15 P): Defeat pirate battle cruiser in battle.
    Defeat Mind master (20 P): Defeat mind master alien in battle.
    Defeat UFO (15 P): Defeat flying saucer boss in battle.
    Defeat Rocketeer (15 P): Defeat rocket boss in battle.

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