Resistance: Retribution

Strategy Guide

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Connection bonuses

Link to Resistance 2 on the PlayStation 3 to unlock Infected mode, which allows you to have regenerative health, the ability to breathe underwater, access new collectable intelligence, a new avatar skin, an alternate storyline, and the HE .44 Magnum from Resistance 2. You can also use the PlayStation 3 controller to control your movements.

Bonus weapons

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon:

    HE .44 Magnum: Collect all 67 Intel pieces.
    Longbow 1S-1K: Collect all Retribution Intel pieces.
    Plasma Grenades: Collect all Secrets Of The Maquis Intel pieces.
    XR-004 Allure: Collect all Cloven Lore Intel pieces.

Quick reload

When you pick up ammunition for a weapon, the weapon will automatically be reloaded. Use this to your advantage when attacking near ammo caches. Strafe while firing when getting low on ammo to pick up the ammunition and instantly reload your weapon.

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