Star Ocean: Second Evolution

Strategy Guide

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Bonus modes

Defeat 2,000 monsters to unlock the Galaxy and Universe difficulties for a new game.

Voice Player

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Voice Player" option. When the game is completed with other characters, their voices will also become unlocked at the "Voice Player" menu.

Maze Of Tribulations

Use the save point immediately before fighting Gabriel. Once the saved game icon turns blue, return to the arena in Fun City. Talk to the old man in the audience in the north side of the arena. Accept his offer to recover your memories. You will return to Arlia on Expel. Leave Arlia, and you will have your Psynard. You can now find the hidden Maze Of Tribulations dungeon at the lone dot on the desert island that is located southwest on the world map.


If you can get a Thief's Glove before Kurik is destroyed, you can get this item in a private action. Go to Harly, and buy the glove (do not forget the skills "Poker Face" and "Courage"). Go to Kurik. By doing a Private Action and going to the town square, you will see a woman warning everyone about the town's imminent destruction, but no one will pay heed. Once she is done talking, go up to her, and pick pocket her to get the Mischief accessory. With this item, every step you take gives you a chance for items, Fol, and other things.

Sword Of Marvels

Just as in Star Ocean: First Departure, you can get one of the toughest swords very early in the game. You will need to get a decent level in Pick Pocketing (approximately level 6 to 8) and a Thief's Glove at Harly. Go to Mars Village, and pick pocket the old man by the inn to get the Goodie Box. Go outside, and save the game. Open the box, and you will get three items. If the Sword of Marvels is not in it, try again by reloading your saved game. Eventually you will get this great sword, and may not need to switch again until much later in the game.

No limiter for Gabriel

Have the Private Action in Kurik occur, where Philia warns the citizens to evacuate the city. Go to the final save point in Phynal. Leave Phynal, and have the Private Action in Centropolis occur. Talk to Philia in the lobby of the main building. This will remove Gabriel's limiter, allowing him to become more powerful.

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