Valhalla Knights 2

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Getting allies for your party

You can get allies for your party in the Targus Guild. It costs 500g for the first ally, 1,000g for the second, etc. When in the guild, go to the woman with the cigar on the left. Select the first option (Ally). You will see four options, "Add Ally", "Remove Ally", "Find New Ally", and "Dismiss". Select the "Find New Ally" option to make a new member for your party. Then, choose the "Add Ally" option. You will now have two party members.

Easy experience

When you start the game and can move around in town, go outside the town (to the west). Go down the stairs, and open the treasure chest. It contains 1000g. Go back to town, and add a priest with the "Getting allies for your party" hint. Go to the other woman (on the right). You have to enter the H rank coliseum. Do this as many times as desired. After you have reached the desired level, go to the palace, and start the first quest.

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