Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble



Note: This game is also titled Viewtiful Joe: Battle Carnival.

Play as Android Rachel

Successfully complete Trial 29 to unlock Android Rachel.

Play as Charles The Third

Successfully complete the second level of Story mode to unlock Charles The Third.

Play as Devil Buster Dante

Successfully complete the first level of Story mode (all four chapters) to unlock Devil Buster Dante.

Play as Director Blue

Successfully complete Trial 1 to unlock Director Blue.

Play as Fighter Bianky and Friends

Successfully complete Trial 13 to unlock Fighter Bianky and Friends.

Play as Gran Bruce

Successfully complete Trial 35 to unlock Gran Bruce.

Play as Heroine Silvia

Successfully complete Trial 37 to unlock Heroine Silvia.

Play as Hulk Davidson

Successfully complete Trial 14 to unlock Hulk Davidson.

Play as Manager Jet

Successfully complete Trial 19 to unlock Manager Jet.

Play as Movie Fan Joe

Successfully complete Trial 5 to unlock Movie Fan Joe.

Play as Stylish Alastor

Successfully complete Trial 34 to unlock Stylish Alastor.

Play as Young Blue Jr.

Successfully complete Trial 24 to unlock Young Blue Jr.

Play as Young Captain Blue

Successfully complete Trial 40 to unlock Young Captain Blue.

Alternate costumes

Successfully complete all 40 Trial mode missions to unlock alternate costumes for all characters. Highlight a character at the chracter selection screen, then press Square to change their costume.

Special Story mode stages

Collect the sixteen puzzle pieces in each stage in Story mode to unlock Special Story mode stages.

Art gallery

Collect all sixteen puzzle pieces in each Special stage in Story mode to unlock the Art gallery.


Successfully complete the indicated Story mode chapter to unlock the corresponding movie:

    Atlantis: Four Adventures Of The Sea: Gulliver's Battles
    Atlantis: Four Adventures Of The Sea Special Edition: V-Puzzle 6
    Boss*Boss*Bang*Bang: All previous chapters except The Hidden Hideout
    Captain Blue Begins: Viewtiful Cartoon World
    Captain Blue Begins Special Edition: V-Puzzle 3
    Gulliver's Battles: Truth Of The Black Film
    Gulliver's Battles Special Edition: V-Puzzle 5
    Les Acteurs Incroyable: Atlantis: Four Adventures Of The Sea
    Red Hot Rumble: Boss*Boss*Bang*Bang
    Riddle Of The Incan Empire! Special Edition: V-Puzzle 1
    The Hidden Hideout: Any chapter with Charles The Third, Hulk Davidson, and Gran Bruce
    Truth Of The Black Film: Captain Blue Begins
    Truth Of The Black Film Special Edition: V-Puzzle 4
    Viewtiful Cartoon World: Riddle Of The Incan Empire!
    Viewtiful Cartoon World Special Edition: V-Puzzle 2
    Ending Movie: Les Acteurs Incroyable
    Last Battle Intro Movie: Les Acteurs Incroyable
    Opening Movie: Riddle Of The Incan Empire!

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