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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    New hope (Bronze): First level completed!
    Perfect set (Bronze): Never lose a ball in the single level.
    Crazzy Mr. Derrick cup (Bronze): Defeated Crazzy Mr.Derrick.
    Mr. Volcanos cup (Bronze): Defeated Mr.Volcanos.
    Mrs. Eggy cup (Bronze): Defeated Mrs.Eggy.
    Mr. Edisoon cup (Bronze): Defeated Mr.Edisoon.
    Mr. Peeler Caterpillar cup (Bronze): Defeated Mr.Peeler the Caterpillar.
    Angry Mrs.Kraken prize (Bronze): Defeated Angry Mrs.Kraken.
    Mr. Mimic cup (Bronze): Defeated Mr.Mimic.
    Mr. OwlBot cup (Bronze): Defeated Mr.OwlBot.
    Mr. Jollier cup (Bronze): Defeated Mr.Jollier.
    Mr. CMYK cup (Bronze): Defeated Mr.CMYK.
    Millionaire (Bronze): Received 1,000,000 score points.
    Multi-millionaire (Silver): Received 10,000,000 score points.
    Creatures slasher! (Bronze): Finished all levels!
    Starfleet commander (Bronze): Collected all in-game shuttles.

Additionally, there are four secret trophies:

    Ballsmith (Bronze): Created and activated 8 extra balls.
    24 hours (Bronze): Total play time: more than 24 hour.
    Epic fail (Bronze): 50 balls lost.
    Into the Matrix (Bronze): Discovered a secret level!
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