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New Game+ mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock New Game+ mode. In this mode, you will retain your characters' levels and skills and all the Oculi, Confessions, and items (except for quests) from your previous playthrough. Note: All previously collected Coffers will be reset and must be be found again. Enemies will be stronger but worth more experience points.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Comedy (Bronze): Rubella joins Aurora's Party.
    Capilli Catch (Bronze): Finn joins Aurora's Party.
    Sweet Sister (Bronze): Norah joins Aurora's Party.
    Bolmus Bond (Bronze): Robert joins Aurora's Party.
    Kategida Kindred (Bronze): Óengus joins Aurora's Party.
    Piscean Promise (Bronze): Gen joins Aurora's Party.
    Tragedy (Bronze): Tristis joins Aurora's Party.
    Tenth Birthday (Bronze): Achieve level 10 with Aurora.
    Perfectionist (Bronze): Upgrade a skill to its highest level.
    Master Oculist (Bronze): Craft Oculi.
    Scene Stealer (Bronze): Execute 3 Surprise Strikes.
    Showstopper (Bronze): Interrupt 3 foes at the same time.
    Winged Fury (Bronze): Devastate 5 foes.
    Explorer (Bronze): Find and open 30 coffers.
    Perfect Sonnet (Bronze): Collect all Confessions.
    Grassroots (Bronze): Finish 3 Lemurian Requests.

Additionally, there are four secret trophies:

    Starcatcher (Bronze): Recover the stars.
    Over the Moon (Bronze): Recover the moon.
    Sunrise (Bronze): Recover the sun.
    Coronation (Silver): Dethrone the Queen of the Night.
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