F1 2011



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Complete (Platinum): Congratulations on completing F1 2011.
    Made The Cut (Bronze): Reach Q3 in qualifying.
    Flying Lap (Bronze): Achieve your first time trial medal.
    Speed Demon (Bronze): Drive faster than 230mph (370km/h).
    Challenger (Bronze): Complete a challenge with a c rank or above.
    Toe To Toe (Bronze): Win a head to head challenge.
    Tuned To Perfection (Bronze): Take pole position in qualifying with a tuned vehicle.
    April Shower (Bronze): Win a race in the wet.
    Manual Master (Bronze): Finish a race using only manual gears.
    Get Noticed (Bronze): Achieve the fastest lap in a grand prix.
    Unassisted (Bronze): Finish a race with all driving aids turned off.
    Grand Prix Win (Bronze): Win your first grand prix.
    Pole Position (Bronze): Achieve pole position.
    Stirling Performance (Silver): Lap every car in a race in wet conditions.
    Endurance (Bronze): Complete a 100% distance race.
    Grade A Performance (Bronze): Earn an a rank in challenge mode.
    Learning To Fly (Silver): Post a flying lap to win a time trial medal with all driving aids disabled.
    Unplugged (Silver): Win a race with all driving aids disabled.
    Banger Racing (Silver): Repair damage to your car in the pits and go on to win the race.
    High Roller (Silver): Win the Monte Carlo grand prix with vehicle damage enabled.
    Prancer (Silver): Complete a lap of Monza with an average speed greater than 150mph (241 km/h).
    The Greatest Of All Time (Silver): Win eight world championships.
    Clean Sweep (Silver): Win every grand prix.
    Leader Of The Pack (Silver): Achieve pole on every circuit.
    Go The Distance (Silver): Drive 1,000 miles (1610km).
    Driving Legend (Gold): Beat the real world lap record on any circuit.
    Timed To Perfection (Gold): Achieve all gold time trial trophies.
    Legendary Charge! (Gold): win a race starting from 24th on the grid.
    Must Dash! (Gold): Earn 14 pole positions in a single season.
    Shoe Maker (Gold): Earn 149 championship points in a single season.
    Champion (Gold): Beat Sebastian Vettel in the challenge mode head to head race.
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