FIFA Soccer



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Soccer Legend (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies).
    Pinpoint Accuracy (Bronze): Score a goal using the screen (touchscreen) shot, or a rear touch pad shot.
    Sharp Shooter (Silver): Score 50 goals using a touch shot.
    Pressure is On (Bronze): Score a penalty kick using a touch shot.
    You Pointing at Me? (Bronze): Make a successful direct pass using the touchscreen.
    Thread the Needle (Bronze): Make a successful through pass using the touchscreen.
    Control the Open Space (Bronze): Make a successful lob pass using the touchscreen in a match.
    Nimble Fingers (Bronze): Score a touchscreen or rear touch pad goal from a touchscreen pass.
    Pass Master (Silver): Make 100 successful passes using the touchscreen.
    All My Own Work (Bronze): Win a Match with Manual Controls.
    Safe Hands (Bronze): Play any match as the Goalkeeper with no assistance.
    Perfect Keeping (Bronze): Play as the Goalkeeper in a Kick-Off match and finish with 100% Saving Accuracy.
    Once in a Lifetime (Silver): Score as the Goalkeeper in any match.
    Aerial Threat (Bronze): Score a header in a match with a player with the Aerial Threat Speciality.
    Crosser (Bronze): Create a goal with a cross with a player with the Crosser Speciality.
    Distance Shooter (Bronze): Score from outside the box with a player with the Distance Shooter Speciality.
    Playmaker (Bronze): Create a goal with a player with the Playmaker Speciality.
    Poacher (Bronze): Score from inside the box with a player with the Poacher Speciality.
    Woodwork and In! (Bronze): Score off the post or cross bar in a match.
    Training Time (Bronze): Work on your skills in any Arena Practice Mode.
    Back of the Net (Bronze): Score 5 goals in the Arena.
    Warming the Gloves (Bronze): Make 10 saves in the Arena.
    Home and Away (Silver): Play and win every Stadium.
    Home Maker (Bronze): Change the Home Stadium of any team.
    FIFA for Life (Gold): Spend 50 hours on the pitch.
    Around the World (Silver): Play a match with a team from every league.
    In the game (Bronze): Create a Virtual Pro.
    Rising Talent (Silver): Complete 100 Accomplishments with your Virtual Pro.
    Virtual Legend (Gold): Play 100 matches with your Virtual Pro.
    Against the Odds (Bronze): Win a Head to Head Ranked Match using a weaker team.
    Experimental (Bronze): Play 5 consecutive Head to Head Ranked Matches with different teams.
    In for the Win (Bronze): Take a Head to Head Ranked Match to extra time with a weaker team.
    Good Form (Silver): Play 5 consecutive Head to Head Ranked Matches without losing.
    Hundred and Counting (Gold): Play 100 Head to Head Ranked Matches.
    Mastermind (Bronze): Have a substitute score a goal in Career Mode.
    Good Week! (Bronze): Get yourself selected in the Team of the Week in Career Mode.
    Great Month (Bronze): Win the Manager of the Month award in Career Mode.
    Established Keeper (Silver): Play a season as a goalkeeper in Career Mode.
    It's in the Blood (Silver): Go from being a Player to the Manager (or Player Manager) in Career Mode.
    Folklore (Silver): Become a Legend as a player in Career Mode.
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