Fort Defense North Menace



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Volley from all the guns! (Bronze): All the grounds on which you can install the tools should be employed.
    Magic storm (Silver): 200 spells cast.
    Pete adactyl (Bronze): The level of damage to opponents played, from the first wave.
    In full sail! (Bronze): Countdown timer wave of enemies on each level was reset.
    God's punishment (Silver): 500 enemies have been destroyed by your spell.
    Rime of the beard (Silver): 10 levels were in a row, without a complete application.
    Seven feet under the keel! (Bronze): Level 3 consecutive passed, with no ship did not attack the enemy outpost.
    Snow fever (Gold): All levels of the episode "Arctic Ocean" were passed 3 stars.
    Dead Man's Chest (Bronze): 5000 gold coins are earned from killing enemies.
    An old piece of plate (Silver): The first 5 levels of the episode have been passed with the guns out of the store without improvements.
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