God Eater 2

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    GOD EATER (Platinum): Acquire all trophies.
    Chosen One (Silver): Pass the Compatibility Test.
    Maiden Victory (Silver): Win a battle against Aragami.
    Bewitching Butterfly (Silver): Defeat Yan-Zhi.
    Our Hollow Lady (Silver): Defeat Nyx-Alpha.
    Shaman of Frenzy (Silver): Defeat Kabbala-Kabbala.
    Dreadful Gladiator (Silver): Defeat Spartacus.
    Sole Honed Skill (Gold): Go on a battle with a mastered Blood-Art.
    Burst of Blood (Bronze): Prey on an Aragami.
    Hand in Hand (Bronze): Link-Aid a fellow.
    You have Control (Bronze): Link-Burst a fellow.
    Leave it to Me (Bronze): Get a Link-Burst from a fellow.
    Full-fledged Eater (Silver): Get SSS Rank in 10 Missions.
    Stager (Silver): Get SSS Rank in 20 Missions.
    Master (Gold): Get SSS Rank in 50 Missions.

Additionally, there are eight secret trophies:

    Awaken (Silver): Arise in Power of Blood.
    Rememberance (Silver): May his spirit rest in peace.
    Over the Griefs (Gold): Avenged Marduk, the killing of a dear fellow.
    Crossing Wills (Silver): Succeed in releasing the patients.
    Countdown (Silver): The Final Predation is about to be launched.
    Tree of the Helix (Gold): Set off on a never-ending battle, his power of will aside.
    Rock the Cradle (Gold): That's one small step for man.
    Unleashed from Abyss (Gold): Defeat Magatsu-Kyuubi.
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