International Snooker



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    One Ton (Silver): Score 100 In One Break.
    Two In A Bed (silver): Potting Two Balls On The Same Shot.
    147 Hero (Gold): Score A 147 Break.
    A Nickel (Bronze): Win 5 Quick Play Games.
    Banger (Bronze): A Full Power Shot That Legally Pots A Ball.
    Measles (Bronze): Clear The Spots In One Sitting (From The Break) In US 8 Ball.
    Greedy (Bronze): Clear The Table In One Sitting (From The Break) In UK 8 Ball.
    Two Bit (Bronze): Win 25 Quick Play Games.
    Zebra (Bronze): Clear The Stripes In One Sitting (From The Break) In US 8 Ball.
    Pot Black (Bronze): Legally Pot The Black.
    Bull Market (Bronze): Earn 1000 Credits Through Playing And Winning.
    Half A Ton (Bronze): Score 50 In One Break.
    The Dynasty (Silver): Win The Chinese Tournament In Career Mode.
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