Jacob Jones And The Bigfoot Mystery: Episode One - A Bump In The Night



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Storyteller (Silver): Complete Episode 1.
    Starting Point (Bronze): Earn 10000 merits.
    Order Of Merit (Bronze): Earn 40000 merits.
    Maximus Meritus (Bronze): Earn maximum merits for Episode 1.
    Pilot's License (Bronze): Reach the Airfield.
    Survivalist (Bronze): Survive the First Night in camp.
    Mythbuster (Bronze): Meet a Bigfoot.
    First Step (Bronze): Complete your First Puzzle.
    Intermediate Puzzler (Bronze): Complete 10 puzzles.
    Professor Puzzle (Bronze): Complete 20 puzzles.
    Pale Garbage Kid (Bronze): Collect 40 soda cans.
    Garbage Collector (Bronze): Collect all soda cans.
    Bird In The Hand (Bronze): Collect 3 Gnatnobblers.
    Gnats Nobbled (Bronze): Collect all Gnatnobblers.
    Circuit Trained (Bronze): Complete Circuit Training in less than 9 moves.
    Digested (Bronze): Complete That Ain't Sitting Right in less than 13 moves.
    Quick Packer (Bronze): Complete Pack Mentality in less than 9 moves.
    Low Roller (Bronze): Complete Rolling Blunder in less than 27 moves.
    Unjammed (Bronze): Complete Log Jam in less than 12 moves.
    Low Notes (Bronze): Complete A Note of Friendship in less than 6 moves.
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