Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Corey Feldman Interview


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum (Platinum): Complete all other trophies.
    To catch a Croc (Bronze): Complete chapter 1.
    It wasn't the speech (Bronze): Complete chapter 2.
    Zero-G-whiz! (Bronze): Complete chapter 3.
    Bouncy futon thingy (Bronze): Complete chapter 4.
    An unlikely alliance (Bronze): Complete chapter 5.
    Brawn over Brainiac (Bronze): Complete chapter 6.
    Eurover Reacting (Bronze): Complete chapter 7.
    Arkham, I saw, I conquered (Bronze): Complete chapter 8.
    Heart Breaker (Bronze): Complete chapter 9.
    Saint Walkers Saviour (Bronze): Complete chapter 10.
    Nok, Nok (Bronze): Complete chapter 11.
    Butcher Beater (Bronze): Complete chapter 12.
    Greedy Guts (Bronze): Complete chapter 13.
    Rock, Paper, Sinestro (Silver): Complete chapter 14.
    Ice, Ice, Batman (Gold): Complete chapter 15.
    Suitably Impressed (Bronze): Unlock all the suits in the game.
    Batbuilding (Bronze): Complete all the Gold Brick Builds in the game.
    Microver (Bronze): Collect all the microchips.
    Card work (Silver): Find all the Joker cards.
    Gold 100 (Silver): Complete 100 Gold Brick challenges.
    Larfleeced Special (Bronze): Collect 100,000,000 studs.
    You Gotham all (Gold): Achieve 100% completion.
    No Joke (Bronze): Destroy all Joker LEGO objects.
    Lex do this! (Bronze): Destroy all Luthor LEGO objects.
    Batvandel (Bronze): Destroy all Batman LEGO objects.
    Power Rings (Bronze): Complete all Lantern Constructs.
    Batcaveman (Silver): Complete all Free Play in the Batcave.
    Watchtower Wanderer (Silver): Complete all Free Play in the Watchtower.
    Everyone is awesome (Bronze): View the credits without skipping them.
    Gold Rush (Gold): Complete all Gold Brick challenges.
    Hinteresting (Bronze): Unlock and purchase all hints.
    Red all over (Silver): Unlock and purchase all red bricks.
    DC-peasy (Silver): Unlock and purchase all characters.
    Counter crazy (Bronze): Perform 20 counter attacks.
    Caped Crusader (Silver): Complete all the Gold Brick Combat challenges.
    Ner-ner na ner-ner (Bronze): Defeat 10 enemies with Superman's heat vision while flying.
    And stay down (Bronze): Perform 30 ground finishers.
    Nostalgia Trip (Bronze): Complete The Containment Facility with the Batman 1966 Mode Red Brick active.
    Galactic Attack (Silver): Complete all the Gold Brick Space Combat Challenges in the game.
    Techno Prisoners (Silver): Get maximum studs on all the Techno Access puzzles in all the levels.
    Okaara Run (Silver): Complete The Breach of Okaara in 3 loops or less.
    Metagamer (Bronze): Use the arcade machine.
    Aq-where-ium? (Bronze): Discover Aquaman's tea party.
    Crocaught in the act (Bronze): Discover the Killer Croc goon's prank.
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