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Bonus Tour

Drift over 65,000m, use over 50 Short Cuts, beat the target lap and race times by -200.0s, use over 60 weapons, and use over 425 items to unlock the Bonus Tour.

Quick start

Before a race begins, hold Gas + Brake to do a burnout to increase the boost in the meter. Press Boost exactly when the light turns green during the countdown to get a boosted start and entirely fill the boost.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    ModNation Legend (Platinum): Earn all the ModNation Racers: Road Trip trophies to unlock this platinum trophy.
    Anonymous (Bronze): Play an Ad Hoc race.
    Mechanic (Bronze): Create a kart in Kart Studio.
    Sculptor (Bronze): Create a track in Track Studio.
    Dresser (Bronze): Create a Mod in Mod Studio.
    Shopping Spree (Bronze): Enter the Shop.
    Time Stamp (Bronze): Post your time while in a time trial.
    Post Cards for Everyone (Bronze): Create a Post Card.
    Tour 1 Winner (Bronze): Get 1st place overall in Tour 1.
    Tour 2 Winner (Bronze): Get 1st place overall in Tour 2.
    Tour 3 Winner (Bronze): Get 1st place overall in Tour 3.
    Tour 4 Winner (Bronze): Get 1st place overall in Tour 4.
    Fill 'Er Up (Bronze): Fill your boost meter.
    Third Eye (Bronze): Hit 5 opponents with mines in a Career Race.
    Knockin' Boost (Bronze): Drive over 100 boost pads.
    Shields Up! (Bronze): Successfully defend yourself with your shield 20 times.
    Headspinner (Bronze): Do a 1080 spin and land successfully.
    Taster Session (Bronze): Try all the game modes in Single Player Race.
    Busting Ghosts (Bronze): Beat one ghost in Time Trial.
    Trigger Happy (Bronze): Use all the weapons in the game.
    Fast Learner (Bronze): Complete all the race tutorials.
    Offering Opinions (Bronze): Rate 10 tracks, 10 Mods, and 10 karts.
    Pioneer Racer (Bronze): Post the first Time Trial time on a published track.
    Drifting Superstar (Bronze): Earn 100,000 drift points in one drift.
    The Drifter (Bronze): Drift 1,000 times in total.
    Slow and Steady (Bronze): Win an action race in Career without using any boost or boost pads of any type.
    Pacifist (Bronze): Win an action race in Career without firing any weapons.
    Remixer (Bronze): Remix a Mod, a kart, and a track.
    Cashing In (Bronze): Cash in an Item Pod 50 times.
    Say Cheese! (Bronze): Use photo mode in a race or studio.
    Beat Down (Bronze): Win your first Ad Hoc action race on a particular published track.
    Bruiser (Bronze): Get a total of 200 takedowns.
    Aggro Racer (Bronze): Sideswipe 75 opponents.
    Sharing Karts (Bronze): Publish a kart and have at least 10 people download it.
    Sharing Mods (Bronze): Publish a Mod and have at least 10 people download it.
    Sharing Splines (Bronze): Publish a track and have at least 10 people download it.
    Startline Booster (Bronze): Successfully boost off the line 20 times.
    Bonus! (Silver): Complete all 5 Tours and pass the Career Stat thresholds.
    Tour 5 Winner (Silver): Get 1st place overall in Tour 5.
    Bonus Tour Winner (Silver): Get 1st place overall in the Bonus Tour.
    Join the Team (Silver): Beat all 30 developer best lap times in career.
    Level of Merit (Silver): Complete all the career challenges.
    Hoarder (Silver): Collect all the tokens in the single player career.
    Top of the Ladder (Silver): Place first on a time trial leaderboard.
    Dominator (Gold): Come 1st in every race in the career.
    Star Creator (Gold): Earn at least 50,000 Create XP.
    ModNation Superstar (Gold): Achieve level rank 28.
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