OMG HD Zombies!



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Bang!! And The Zombies Are Gone! (Gold): Prestige 20 times.
    No Stone Unturned... (Silver): Complete the game to 100% (all Platinum medals).
    Shopaholic (Silver): Get all upgrades in all categories.
    Back In The Line (Bronze): Prestige the Game once.
    Frying Tonight (Bronze): Kill 5 other Zombies by shooting a Taser Zombie.
    Line ‘Em Up (Bronze): Shoot a Cop Zombie and have their bullet kill five other Zombies.
    Barrel Of Laughs (Bronze): Complete a level by only shooting Barrels.
    Flawless Victory (Bronze): Finish the game getting the best ending.
    You Made It... Right? (Bronze): Finish the game with any ending.
    Feel The Rush (Bronze): Get a Platinum medal with a single bullet.
    Happy Shopper (Bronze): Get all Upgrades in a single category.
    Sweeter Than Gold (Bronze): Get a Platinum medal.
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