Real Boxing



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Master the basics (Bronze): Complete the tutorial.
    First blood (Bronze): Win your first fight.
    Rising star (Bronze): Win the Roosters' Tournament.
    Silver bullet (Bronze): Win the Night of the Champions.
    On the top of the world (Silver): Win the Boxing Legends.
    Feel the power (Bronze): Fully train your character.
    Stepping into the game (Bronze): Win your first fight by KO.
    Untouchable (Silver): Win a fight and don't get hit.
    Demigod (Silver): Win 50 fights.
    C-c-c-counter (Silver): Perform 100 counterattacks.
    All belts, no knockdown (Gold): Earn all belts and don't get a single knockdown in process.
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