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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Exemplary service (Platinum): Acquire all trophies.
    Conscientious objector (Bronze): Complete a mission without firing any weapons.
    Lock and load (Bronze): Fully upgrade a weapon.
    Who is this guy?! (Bronze): Destroy fifteen enemies in one mission.
    Share the wealth (Bronze): During one mission, destroy four enemies, each with a different weapon.
    Easy rider (Silver): Travel 150km
    Take your best shot (Bronze): Use the shield to avoid significant damage.
    Fire starter (Bronze): Destroy ten enemies with the flame thrower during a single mission.
    Got your number (Silver): Get Intel on all enemy vehicles.
    Suited and booted (Gold): Equip four fully upgraded weapons in one load-out.
    Unmanned Aerial Venom (Gold): Destroy fifty enemies using the UAV in a single play-through of the mission "Eye in the Sky".
    Not so clever now! (Silver): Foil the plan of the secretive ghost voice (complete all missions).
    Shocking (Silver): Make it through a mission only using the shocker weapon.
    Float like a really heavy butterfly (Silver): Travel 5 kilometres in the air.
    Where is this guy?! (Silver): Spend two minutes invisible during a single mission using the cloaking device.
    Sting like a metal bee (Silver): Destroy five enemies by luring them into stinger road surface traps.
    Hard love (Silver): Complete any mission using only the 50 cal cannon.
    Didn't expect that to happen... (Bronze): Complete the Training mission.
    King of the world (Bronze): Destroy twenty enemy boats.
    I'm on a boat (Bronze): Travel 20 kilometres on water.
    Looking sharp (Bronze): Select a new paint job for your interceptor.
    Consummate professional (Gold): Get Spy Hunter pro status on every mission.
    Cold blooded (Gold): Destroy the entire convoy in the mission "Rogue" in under sixty seconds.
    Not a scratch (Gold): Complete a whole mission without suffering the loss of a single reactor core.
    What countdown? (Gold): In the mission "Nuclear Fallout" defuse all bombs in under forty seconds.
    Dolla dolla bills y'all (Gold): Earn over 150,000 Research Points.
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