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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Composition (Bronze): At least three flowers from each species have been unlocked.
    Connaisseur (Bronze): All of the five legendary flowers have been unlocked.
    Cumulo Nimbus (Bronze): 1000 rain drops have fallen.
    Full Slots (Bronze): Every slot on the screen is full.
    Hanabi Festival (Bronze): Every common flower has been unlocked.
    Happy Noah (Bronze): 10000 rain drops have fallen.
    Irredeemable (Bronze): 100 flowers sunburnt.
    My First Crossbreed (Bronze): A new flower has been converted for the first time with Labee the bee.
    My First Gift (Bronze): One or more flowers have been sent to a friend for the first time.
    Pretty Bouquet (Bronze): At least one flower from each species has been unlocked.
    Sorcerer's Apprentice (Bronze): Storms raged 10 times.
    Too Hot (Bronze): 10 flowers sunburnt.
    Unstoppable! (Gold): Level 57 reached: fourteen years have passed by.
    Vivaldi (Silver): Level 5 reached: four seasons have passed by.
    Zeus is Angry ! (Bronze): Storm raged 1000 times.
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