Unit 13

Corey Feldman Interview


Alternate screen filter

While playing the game, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Circle. Repeat the code to cycle through the screen filters.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    13 Squared (Bronze): Eliminate 169 enemies over the course of your career.
    13-Star General (Platinum): Obtain all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies in Unit 13.
    Action Hero (Silver): Complete all Direct Action operations.
    Adapt and Overcome (Bronze): Complete a Daily Challenge operation.
    Anti-Venom (Silver): Eliminate VIPER.
    Badass and Bulletproof (Bronze): Eliminate 13 enemies without taking damage.
    Blast from the Past (Bronze): Find an homage to what has come before...
    Brainstorm (Bronze): Score 13 headshots in a single operation.
    By Strength and Guile (Bronze): Reach level 10 with RINGO.
    Ch13f Op3r471v3 (Silver): Complete all Elite operations.
    Cloud Nine (Gold): Eliminate all High Value Targets.
    Crowd Control Jr. (Bronze): Eliminate 2 enemies with a single grenade.
    De Oppresso Liber (Bronze): Reach level 10 with ANIMAL.
    Dead Winger (Silver): Eliminate PHOENIX.
    Doublecrossed (Silver): Eliminate GRIFTER.
    Extra Credit(S) (Bronze): Watch the credits.
    Facit Omnia Voluntas (Bronze): Reach level 10 with ZEUS.
    Fangdango (Silver): Eliminate VAMPIRE.
    Fat Chance (Silver): Eliminate BIG SLICK.
    Finish Him! (Silver): Eliminate SCORPION.
    Friendly Rivalry (Bronze): Get a higher mission score than someone on your friends list.
    Honneur et Fid�lit� (Bronze): Reach level 10 with CHUCKLES.
    It Pays to be a Winner (Bronze): Reach level 10 with PYTHON.
    L337 $0LD13R (Bronze): Complete an Elite operation.
    Lamplighter (Bronze): Complete a Covert operation.
    Last Laugh (Silver): Eliminate HYENA.
    Less Me, More We (Bronze): Complete an operation in co-op.
    Life of the Party (Bronze): Show your enemy that you get down with the best of 'em.
    Lucky 13 (Silver): Achieve a 5-star rating in 13 operations.
    Master Ninja (Silver): Complete all Covert operations.
    New Recruit (Bronze): Complete the Unit 13 Training Course.
    One Shot, One Kill (Bronze): Reach level 10 with ALABAMA.
    Sine Labore Nihil (Gold): Max out all operatives.
    Snakechaser (Bronze): Complete a Direct Action operation.
    Speed Demon (Bronze): Complete a Deadline operation.
    Sworded Out (Silver): Eliminate SCIMITAR.
    Time Killer (Silver): Complete all Deadline operations.
    Trick Shot (Bronze): Eliminate an enemy by setting off a mine.
    Twin Foiled (Bronze): Eliminate 2 enemies with a single melee attack.
    Two For One (Bronze): Eliminate 2 enemies with a single bullet.
    Unstoppable (Silver): Achieve the highest score multiplier.
    Variety is the Spice of Life (Silver): Complete 13 different Dynamic missions.
    Witchiker (Silver): Eliminate WIZARD.
    World Peace in 36 Easy Steps (Silver): Complete all Covert, Deadline, Direct Action, and Elite operations.
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