Agent Armstrong


Cheat mode

The following location must be found to enable cheat mode. After the game begins, move to the right until reaching a location with a teddy bear. Then, face the wall and press Circle to jump in that direction. If done correctly, you will hear a muted sound. Now move forward and walk in the next room just to the right of this location, which leads down into a small room. Press Circle to access a platform. Use this platform to reach a playroom and activate cheat mode. The following codes may now be enabled:


    While playing the game, press X(4), Triangle, Circle, X, Square on controller two.

    All weapons

    While playing the game, press Circle(3), Triangle(2), X(2), Square on controller two.

    Level select

    While playing the game, press Triangle(3), Square(3), X(2), Circle on controller two.

Game Shark Codes

Joker CommandD00D2230 ????
Infinite Health8013BAFC 0400
8011 87BC 0400
Infinite Grenades8013BA60 0003
Infinite Ammo8013BAEA 0074
801187AA 0074
Infinite Fire/Bullet80118738 000F
Infinite Health800A3AD0 0000
800A3AD2 0000
Infinite Energy And All Weapon Available800D2010 0001
Mission Select [Note]D00D2230 0102
800D2092 0001
800D2010 0001

Note: While playing the game, press R2 + Select to enable a mission select option.

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