Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Williams Collection Volume 1

Celebrity GamerZ - Jay & Silent Bob's Jason Mewes Video Game Interview

Game Shark Codes

Defender 1
Infinite Lives P1801BA1C8 0200
Infinite Smart Bombs P1801BA1CA 0301
Infinite Smart Bombs P2801BAC08 0A03
Infinite Lives P2801BA206 0103
Defender 2
Infinite Lives P1801BBDDE 0120
Infinite Smart Bombs P1801BBDE0 0301
Invisibility P1801BBDE0 1E00
Infinite Lives P2801BBE1C 0300
Infinite Smart Bombs P2801BBE1E 0301
Invisibility P2801BBE20 0A1E
Infinite Lives P1801BA050 0400
801BA052 0005
Infinite Lives P2801BA05A 0400
801BA05C 0005
Robotron 2084
Infinite Lives P1801BBDEC 0102
Infinite Lives P2801BBE28 0103
Infinite Sinibombs P1801BA012 0900
Infinite Lives P1801B9FFC 0003

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