Angel Alliance


Game Shark Codes

Main Character
EXP300D708E 00FF
HII300D708F 00FF
SHI300D7090 00FF
AGL300D7091 00FF
LUK300D7092 000F
Main Robot
HP300D71AE 00FF
300D71AF 00FF
300D71B0 00FF
EN300D71B1 00FF
300D71B2 00FF
POW300D71B3 00FF
FIR300D71B4 00FF
RES300D71B5 00FF
300D71B6 00FF
DEF300D71B7 00FF
WHT300D71B8 00FF
300D71B9 00FF
300D71BA 0000
Move300D71C6 000F
2nd Character
EXP300D709A 00FF
HII300D709B 00FF
SHI300D709C 00FF
AGL300D709D 00FF
LUK300D709E 00FF
2nd Robot?
HP300D7342 00FF
300D7343 00FF
300D7344 00FF
EN300D7345 00FF
300D7346 00FF
POW300D7347 00FF
FIR300D7348 00FF
RES300D7349 00FF
300D734A 00FF
DEF300D734B 00FF
WHT300D734C 00FF
300D734D 00FF
300D734E 0000
Move300D735A 000F
3rd Character
EXP300D70A6 00FF
HII300D70A7 00FF
SHI300D70A8 00FF
AGL300D70A9 00FF
LUK300D70AA 000F
3rd Robot
HP300D74D6 00FF
300D74D7 00FF
300D74D8 00FF
EN300D74D9 00FF
300D74DA 00FF
POW300D74DB 00FF
FIR300D74DC 00FF
RES300D74DD 00FF
300D74DE 00FF
DEF300D74DF 00FF
WHT300D74E0 00FF
300D74E1 00FF
300D74E2 0000
Move300D74EE 000F
4th Character
EXP300D70B2 00FF
HII300D70B3 00FF
SHI300D70B4 00FF
AGL300D70B5 00FF
LUK300D70B6 00FF
4th Robot?
HP300D766A 00FF
300D766B 00FF
300D766C 00FF
EN300D766D 00FF
300D766E 00FF
POW300D766F 00FF
FIR300D7670 00FF
RES300D7671 00FF
300D7672 00FF
DEF300D7673 00FF
WHT300D7674 00FF
300D7675 00FF
300D7676 0000
Move300D7682 000F
5th Character
SHI300D70C0 00FF
AGL300D70C1 00FF
LUK300D70C2 00FF
5th Robot?
HP300D77FE 00FF
300D77FF 00FF
300D7800 00FF
EN300D7801 00FF
300D7802 00FF
POW300D7803 00FF
FIR300D7804 00FF
RES300D7805 00FF
300D7806 00FF
DEF300D7807 00FF
WHT300D7808 00FF
300D7809 00FF
300D780A 0000
Move300D7816 000F

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