Army Men: World War


Level select

At the main menu, hold R2, then hold R1. Release R2, then release R1. Hold L2, then hold L1. Release L2, then release L1. Then, press Circle, Square. -From: and

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Health800FEB7C 0250
Infinite Health PT Boat800FECA0 17F0
Infinite Health Jeep800FF808 14B0
Infinite Health Tank800FFA50 EAD0
Infinite Health Train80100C90 1FF0
Infinite Grenades800F8998 0909
Infinite Bazooka/Mortar800F899A 0909
Infinite Flamethrower/Auto Rifle800F899C 0909
All Levels Unlocked After First Save800F7AD8 0002
800F7ADC 0006

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