Athena: The Awakening From Ordinary Life

Strategy Guide

Celebrity GamerZ - Jay & Silent Bob's Jason Mewes Video Game Interview

Note: This game is also titled Athena no Kateihan.

Game Shark Codes

ESP Gauge Max800A1368 0400
Food Item All Ninety-Nine50001202 0000
800A0C80 6363
Key/Documents System Item All50003102 0000
800A0CA4 0101
Food Item Doesn't DecreaseD0042EE8 00FF
80042EE8 0000
ESP Doesn't DecreaseD0017706 0043
80017706 0040
D0017656 00A2
80017656 00A0
D0020E3E 0044
80020E3E 0040
New Japanese Plan800A12A0 5690
800A12A2 FA93
800A12A4 7B96
800A12A6 E98A
800A12A8 E689
Asamiya800A12B0 8396
800A12B2 7B8B
Mr. Queen8009FF70 978F
8009FF72 A489
8009FF74 6C97

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