Final Fantasy 6

Strategy Guide

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Note: Final Fantasy 6 was originally released as Final Fantasy 3 on the SNES in Japan.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Money8002F860 967F
8002F862 0098
All Summons3002FA69 00FF
3002FA6A 00FF
3002FA6B 00FF
3002FA6C 00FF
Infinite Items (Caetla Users Only)B1000001 00000000
3002F969 000A
All Items (Caetla Users Only)B1000001 00000001
3002F869 0000
All Magic For Tena (Caetla Users Only)B0180001 00000000
3002FA6E 00FF
B0150001 00000000
3002FA86 00FF
B0090001 00000000
3002FA9B 00FF
Max EXP All Characters (Caetla Users Only)B00D0025 00000000
3002F611 007F
B00D0025 00000000
3002F612 0096
B00D0025 00000000
3002F613 0098
Max Status All Characters (Caetla Users Only)B00D0025 00000000
3002F61A 0080
B00D0025 00000000
3002F61B 0080
B00D0025 00000000
3002F61C 0080
B00D0025 00000000
3002F61D 0080

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