NBA Basketball 2000


Game Shark Codes

Home Team Scores 0800105C2 0000
Home Team Scores 100800105C2 0064
Home Team Score Modifier800105C2 00??
Away Team Scores 080010FCE 0000
Away Team Scores 10080010FCE 0064
Away Team Score Modifier80010FCE 00??
Player Creation Codes
Max FG Accuracy300C1B20 00FF
Max 3PT Accuracy300C1B21 00FF
Max Ball Handling300C1B22 00FF
Max Rebounding300C1B23 00FF
Max Shot Blocking300C1B24 00FF
Max FT Accuracy300C1B25 00FF
Max Dunking300C1B26 00FF
Max Passing300C1B27 00FF
Max Speed300C1B28 00FF
Max Stats (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)50000502 0000
800C1B20 FFFF

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