Farland Saga: Timeline's Pointer

Celebrity GamerZ - Jay & Silent Bob's Jason Mewes Video Game Interview

Game Shark Codes

Main Character
Infinite HP801EB336 03E7
Max HP801EB334 03E7
Infinite MP801EB33A 03E7
Max MP801EB338 03E7
Max Exp801EB33C FFFF
Max Attack801EB33E 03E7
Max Defense801EB340 03E7
Max Knowledge801EB342 03E7
Max Magic801EB344 03E7
Max Speed801EB346 03E7
Second Character
Infinite HP801EB3B2 03E7
Max HP801EB3B0 03E7
Infinite MP801EB3B6 03E7
Max MP801EB3B4 03E7
Max Exp801EB3B8 FFFF
Max Attack801EB3BA 03E7
Max Defense801EB3BC 03E7
Max Knowledge801EB3BE 03E7
Max Magic801EB3C0 03E7
Max Speed801EB3C2 03E7

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