Gunfighter: The Legend Of Jesse James


Cheat mode

At the main menu, hold Left Analog-stick until a small box appears. Continue holding Left Analog-stick and press Triangle, X, Square, Circle(2), Square, Triangle, X. Start a game, then press Start to display the options screen with a cheat menu.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Bullets in Target Take Down80184CD4 0028
Infinite Bullets in Rolling Rampage80184914 0036
Infinite Health at Hanging800B84C4 0005
Never Reload at Hanging800B84C8 0006
Infinite Health at Mine800117FA4 0005
Never Reload at Mine800117FA8 0006
Infinite Health at Saloon800E6CC4 0005
Never Reload at Saloon800E6CC8 0006
Infinite Health at Town800B23D4 0005
Never Reload at Town800B23D8 0006
Infinite Health at Train800EE8B4 0005
Never Reload at Train800EE8B8 0006
Press R1 For More TimeD007CD2C F7FF
8007D14A 0E0E
8007D14E 0E0E

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