Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

Strategy Guide


Alternate ending sequence

Collect all 17 Famous Witches and Wizards card to view an alternate ending.

Control main menu

At the main menu, press Triangle to cause a lightning strike.

Climbing bookshelves

If you approach a bookshelf and find that you cannot climb it, press Square on a piece of a wall that is different or lighter color.

Finding secret areas

If there is a bookshelf that you cannot climb on, press Square and it will open. You will find different things that will help you inside. Also, there are parts on the castle walls outside that can be opened. To tell if the wall can be opened, it will be a lighter color. Press Square to open it.

House Cup

Although you may think you have lost at the end of the game, defeat Voltamort to win the House Cup.

View game completion

When Voltamort has been defeated the game credits will begin. Try to go back to your saved game. Although you cannot start it again since Voltamort was defeated, the game will display the percentage that was completed.

Bertie Bott Beans

Collect the following amount of Bertie Bott beans to unlock an item behind a portrait at Hogwarts:

    50 Yellow Beans: Nimbus Two Thousand
    70 Blue Beans : Glove for Quidditch
    80 Green Beans: Card
    100 Red Beans: Advanced Flipendo


Follow these moves to complete the chess levels:

    Level 1 moves: White, Right, Left, Right, Left.
    Level 2 moves: Black, Up-Left, Down-Right, Left.
    Level 3 moves: White, Up-Left, Up-Left, Up-Left, Down-Right, Down-Right.

Devil's Snare

    First: Hit the tentacle that turns light green (quickly) until all of them (except the middle) are gone.

    Second: Run around on the green part of the floor and do not get hit. After the middle tentacle misses you, hit it with a charged Flipendo.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Health80082964 8000
Stop Timers8007B538 0FA0
Have All Spells30082685 00F0
Have All Blue Beans800827F2 000F
Have All Green Beans800827F6 0100
Have All Red Beans800827FA 0100
Have All Yellow Beans800827EE 000F
Press L1 For Extra House PointsD0078D0E FBFF
800827DC 7000
800827DE 003E

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