Intelligent Qube

Strategy Guide


Note: This game is also titled Kurushi.

Original mode and play as Cynthia

Beat the game to access the "Original" selection on the "Game Mode" screen and to unlock Cynthia at the character selection screen.

Play as Spike

Beat the game with Cynthia with an IQ of over 400.

Control demo mode

Select the "Rules" option, highlight Demo 1, 2, or 3, then hold L1 + R1 and press X. The game play screen will now appear and the character may be controlled. -From:

Game Shark Codes

Two Rows of Blocks Move Forward at a Time8006C4B4 0002
Takes Zero Moves to Get rid of Blocks [Note]8006C804 0000

Note: This code gives you a higher score. This keeps the fraction thing in the top right hand corner at zero, which makes you a genius when you get rid of the blocks.

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