MTV Sports: Snowboarding


Alaska level in challenge

Qualify for the MTV Challenge, then rank first place in it.

Play as Tsering

Get 8000 points in the Alaska challenge level to unlock Tsering. He excels in big air.

Game Shark Codes

Unlock Alaska Mountain8007E260 0001
Unlock Tsering8007E264 0000
Max Overall Challenge Points8007E1C0 FFFF
Anna Qualified80082904 FFFF
Mitch Qualified80082918 FFFF
Karl Qualified8008292C FFFF
Sakura Qualified80082940 FFFF
Calvin Qualified80082954 FFFF
Hendy Qualified80082968 FFFF
Tsering Qualified8008297C FFFF
All Characters Qualified
(GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)
50000714 0000
80082904 FFFF

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