NCAA GameBreaker 2000


Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes at the "Easter Egg" screen to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Win all simulated gamesSC
Better playersBuilder
Better passing offensePass Attack
Better running offenseRun Attack
Better blocking and tacklingDa Wall
Better recruitsGOLDEN
All player attributes set to 99Beat Down
Stronger offense in simulated seasonBoost
Small fast team verses big slow teamDavid Goliath

Game Shark Codes

Joker Command P1D0109D74 ????
Joker Command P2D0109D84 ????
Home Team Scores 080109CDC 0000
Home Team Scores 9980109CDC 0063
Home Team Score Modifier80109CDC 00??
Home Team Time Out Modifier80109CE4 00??
Home Team Touchdown ModifierD0075A10 8015
800759F0 00??
Home Team Safety ModifierD0075A10 8015
80075564 00??
Home Team Field Goal ModifierD0075A10 8015
8007579C 00??
Away Team Scores 080109CE0 0000
Away Team Scores 9980109CE0 0063
Away Team Score Modifier80109CE0 00??
Away Team Time Out Modifier80109CE6 00??
Away Team Touchdown ModifierD0075A10 8015
80075A14 00??
Away Team Safety ModifierD0075A10 8015
8007552C 00??
Away Team Field Goal ModifierD0075A10 8015
800757BC 00??
P1 First Down (Press L1)D0109D74 0004
80109DD0 0001
P1 Fourth Down (Press L2)D0109D74 0001
80109DD0 0004
P2 First Down (Press L1)D0109D84 0004
80109DD0 0001
P2 Fourth Down (Press L2)D0109D84 0001
80109DD0 0004
Both Teams Extra Point ModifierD0075A10 8015
80073CA8 00??
Both Teams 2 Point Conversion ModifierD0075A10 8015
80073B8C 00??
Character Creation Points
Max Speed300E8EC9 0064
Max Cover300E8ECA 0064
Max Stamina300E8ECB 0064
Max Accuracy300E8ECE 0064
Max Arm300E8ECF 0064
Max Running300E8ED1 0064
Max Hands300E8ED2 0064
Max Block300E8ED3 0064
Max Tackle300E8ED4 0064
Speed Bullet800E8EA8 1640
Strength Monster800E8EAA 1640
Reaction 100%800E8EAC 1640
Mood Berzerk800E8EAE 1640

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