NFL GameDay '97


Cheat Codes

At the pre-game screen with the "Start Game", "Roster", "Options", and "Statistics" selections, press L1, R1, L2, R2. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

ASSASSINMore injuries
ATOMIC BOMBHard hits explode
BAZOOKAQuarterback throws harder
BIG GIRLSCheerleaders are bigger
BIG STARSStar players bigger than other players
BLASTERSMore time to hit a receiver to free the ball
BLIND REFLess penalties
BLIZZARDStrong winds with snow
BO KNOWSShoulder charge
BRITTLEMore injuries
BROADWAY JOEQuarterbacks accuracy is increased
BUSY REFMore penalties
BUTKASDefense hits harder
CREDITSDisplays the credits
CRUNCHYHarder hits
DARK NIGHTDarker stadium
DEFENSEBetter defense
DERVISHMore effective spins
DOCUsed to delete last remaining code in menu
ELECTRIC FBSimulate electric toy football game
EQUALIZERMost players have similar abilities
FLEA CIRCUSPlayers are very small
FRIDGEPlayers are big
FROGHigher hurdles
GB SPEEDMakes the game as fast as NCAA GameBreaker
GD CHALLENGEComputer is harder
GENIUSComputer is smarter
GLOVESReceivers catch better
GOLIATHHuge players
HANG TIMELonger and higher punts
HATCHETJump and hang in air for longer time
HOGSOffensive line blocks better
HOME COOKINGNo call-pass interference or personal fouls for home team
ICE SKATESSlippery playing field
IDIOTComputer is less smart
INFAMOUS POP UPSAdds pop-ups from NFL GameDay
JUGGLERBall pops up higher when receiver fumbles
JUICESuper speed bursts
LONG JUMPPlayers dive farther
LOUD MOUTHAnnouncer is louder
KARATEForearm shiver on defense is now a karate chop
KRAIGPlayers are smaller
MANDARICHOffensive line is at a disadvantage
NO TIMEClock never runs
NYSESwim move is better
OFFENSEBetter offense
OUCHStiff arm is stronger
PANCAKEPress L2 + Square to hit harder; like flattening a pancake
PINBALLForearm shiver is stronger on defense
PISTONJackhammer off a stiff arm
REJECTIONHigher jumps
SAYERSFaster and stronger running back
SCRAMBLERFaster quarterback
SHOUTCrowd is louder
SLO MOPlayers are slower
SQUALLStrong wind with rain
STEROIDSHarder hits
STRETCHPress L2 + Triangle for jumping one handed catch.
TEMPESTVery dark stadium.
TIGHT COVERBetter coverage
TOASTDefense backs do not cover as well
TORRETAQuarterback lobs passes
TWISTERStrong winds

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Time800CA13A 0009
Infinite Time to Choose Play800CA142 0028
Home Team Infinite Time Outs800CA054 0003
Home Team No Time Outs800CA054 0000
Home Team Score Modifier800CA04C 00??
Away Team Infinite Time Outs800CA056 0003
Away Team No Time Outs800CA056 0000
Away Team Score Modifier800CA050 00??

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