Ninja: Shadow Of Darkness

Strategy Guide


Level select

Remove all memory cards from the PlayStation. Then when "Checking Memory Card" appears on the screen, press L2(3), R2(3). If you entered the code correctly, the words "DELS LEVEL CHEAT ON" will appear. Now start a game to access the level select menu.

Invincibility and items

Pause the game and press L2, R2, L2(3), R2(3), Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a chime and the ninja will turn into a skeleton. Then the ninja will be invincible with infinite items and lives. Repeat the code to turn back into the ninja while keeping the extra items. -From:

Weapon select

Pause the game and press R2(3), L2(3), R2(3), L2(6). Then, resume the game to have a new weapon. Repeat the code for a different weapon. -From:

Decrease boss energy

Pause the game while fighting a boss, then press L2(3), R2(3), Triangle(6) to dramatically reduce the bosses energy level. -From:

Big heads, hands, feet

When "Press Start" flashes at the title screen, press Select(3), L2(3), Select(3).

Baby mode

When "Press Start" flashes at the title screen, press L2(3), Select(3), R2(3).

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Lives8006D030 0009
Infinite Health8006D09E 0050
Infinite Smoke Bombs8006D07C 0009
Infinite Magic8006D0A0 0009
Infinite Gold8006D044 967F
8006D046 0098
Max Score8006D014 967F
8006D016 0098
Max Magic8006D018 0004
Have Silver Key8006D01C 0001
Have Gold Key8006D034 0001
Full Screen View8006D058 0032
Weapon Modifier8006AD2A 0???
Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Code
000 - Nothing
004 - Katana
008 - Skeleton
00C - Skeleton w/Katana
010 - Mace
018 - Skeleton w/Mace
020 - Axe
028 - Skeleton w/Axe
030 - Mace?
038 - Skeleton w/Mace?
080 - Sai
088 - Skeleton w/Sai
100 - Staff
108 - Skeleton w/Staff
200 - Ultimate Sword
208 - Skeleton w/Ultimate Sword

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