Rally de Africa


All classes, cars, tracks

At the Prism Arts logo, hold Select + Circle + Left + R2 + L2.

"I Love You" message

Select a manual transmission and begin a game. Then, keep changing transmissions during the game. Eventually, a heart with an "I Love You" message will appear.

Game Shark Codes

Unlock All Secret Racing Paths300EF9B0 0001
300EF9B2 0001
300EF9B4 0001
Unlock All Cars in Racing Path K300EFB2A 0001
300EFB2C 0001
300EFB2E 0001
300EFB30 0001
300EFB32 0001
300EFB34 0001
Unlock All Cars in Racing Path A300EFB42 0001
300EFB44 0001
300EFB46 0001
300EFB48 0001
300EFB4A 0001
300EFB4C 0001
Unlock All Cars in Racing Path S300EFB5A 0001
300EFB5C 0001
300EFB5E 0001
300EFB60 0001
300EFB62 0001
300EFB64 0001
Max Speed80015688 0000
8001568A 0000
8001568C 0FFF
8001568E 2402

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