Cheat mode

At the main menu, press Left(2), Right(2), Up, Down, Left, Right, Up(2), Down(2). Then, scroll down below the "Load Game" option to display a "Cheat" selection. Note: Press Right when selecting a level to display extra levels. -From: f_masannat2000@yahoo.com

Level select

Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Then at the cheat menu, press L1, R1, L1, R1, L1, R1, L1, R1, L2, R2. If you entered the code correctly you will hear a sound. -From: f_masannat2000@yahoo.com

Infinite lives

Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Then at the cheat menu, press L1, R1, L2, R2, L1, R1, L2, R2. If you entered the code correctly you will hear a sound.

Game Shark Codes

Reverse Joker CommandD005B150 ????
Infinite Lives80093572 2400
Infinite Health8008E03C 0160
8008E03E 2402
Max Health8008D10C 0160
8008D10E 2405
Infinite Purple FruitD005B150 0001
800A567A 0063
Infinite Red FruitD005B150 0001
800A5678 0063
Infinite Blue FruitD005B150 0001
800A5676 0063
Infinite Fruit on Pick-Up8009781C 0001
8009781E 2442
Infinite Time Bonus Level800A3470 1910
Have All Sketch Pieces/Tarzan Letters80059D3C FFFF
Maximum Tokens80059D6C 03E7
Always Have Weapon800A5218 0010
Unlock All Levels/Movies50000D02 0000
30059D73 00FF
All Levels 100% Complete50000D02 0000
30059D74 0064
Unlock Welcome to the Jungle Level/Movie30059D73 00FF
Welcome to the Jungle 100% Complete30059D72 0064
Unlock Going Ape Level/Movie30059D75 00FF
Going Ape 100% Complete30059D74 0064
Unlock Elephant Hair Dare Level/Movie30059D77 00FF
The Elephant Hair Dare 100% Complete30059D76 0064
Unlock Stampede Level/Movie30059D79 00FF
Stampede 100% Complete30059D78 0064
Unlock Coming of Age Level/Movie30059D7B 00FF
Coming of Age 100% Complete30059D7A 0064
Unlock Sabor Attacks Level/Movie30059D7D 00FF
Sabor Attacks 100% Complete30059D7C 0064
Unlock The Baboon Chase Level/Movie30059D7F 00FF
The Baboon Chase 100% Complete30059D7E 0064
Unlock Trashing the Camp Level/Movie30059D81 00FF
Trashing the Camp 100% Complete30059D80 0064
Unlock Campsite Commotion Level/Movie30059D83 00FF
Campsite Commotion 100% Complete30059D82 0064
Unlock Journey to the Treehouse Level/Movie30059D85 00FF
Journey to the Treehouse 100% Complete30059D84 0064
Unlock Rockin' the Boat Level/Movie30059D87 00FF
Rockin' the Boat Level 100% Complete30059D86 0064
Unlock Tarzan to the Rescue Level/Movie30059D89 00FF
Tarzan to the Rescue 100% Complete30059D88 0064
Unlock Conflict with Clayton Level/Movie30059D8B 00FF
Conflict with Clayton 100% Complete30059D8A 0064
Level Modifier30059D6B 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Level Modifier Code
00 - Welcome to the Jungle
01 - Going Ape
02 - The Elephant Hair Dare
03 - Stampede
04 - Coming of Age
05 - Sabor Attacks
06 - The Baboon Chase
07 - Trashing the Camp
08 - Campsite Commotion
09 - Journey to The Treehouse
0A - Rockin' The Boat
0B - Tarzan to The Rescue
0C - Conflict With Clayton

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