Torneko: The Last Hope


Note: This game is also titled Toruneko Big Adventure 2.

Game Shark Codes

North American Version

Infinite HP800F66D4 0E37
Max HP800F66D6 0E37
Full Belly800F66D4 64CE
Level 99800F66D8 0063
Max EXP/Quick Level Up800F66AE 05F5
800F66AC E0FF

Japanese Version

Allows Game to Play in a Mod-Chip SystemD00005F8 0000
800005F8 0001
Infinite HP (Caetla Users Only)90000A10 1F800384
80000A14 03E7
90000A18 1F800386
80000A1C 03E7
Max Money (Caetla Users Only)90000A00 1F800360
80000A04 E0FF
90000A08 1F800362
80000A0C 05F5
Max Exp (Caetla Users Only)90000A20 1F80035C
80000A24 967F
90000A28 1F80035E
80000A2C 0098
Max Attack (Caetla Users Only)90000A30 1F800376
80000A34 0063
90000A38 1F800378
80000A3C 0063
Never Hungry (Caetla Users Only)90000A40 1F800356
80000A44 0001
90000A48 1F80035A
80000A4C 0001

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