Twisted Metal

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Enter Square, Triangle, X, Space, Circle as a level password.

Infinite ammunition

Enter Triangle, Space, Square, Circle, Circle as a level password.

Infinite turbos

Enter Triangle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Circle as a level password. Now the turbo will start at 20, resets at 29, returns to 20, and repeatedly resets again to 29.

Fight for your life

Enter Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square as a level password. This is the Arena 2 level with five opponent cars.

Helicopter view

Enter Circle, Circle, Triangle, X, Space as a level password. Note: This view only works on Arena, Rooftop and Arena 2. Press Down + Start to have the helicopter view.

List opponents

While playing the game in one player mode, press Start + X to display a list of remaining vehicles.


While playing the game in one player mode, press Start + Right.

Hidden hotel

Find the glass pyramid in the Rooftop stage and destroy it. Then, you will drop down and drive around a hotel with many rooms and areas.

Level passwords

Warehouse District WarfareCircle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle
Freeway Free For AllX, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle
River Park RumbleX, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square
CyburbiaX, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
Rooftop CombatSquare, Triangle, X, Circle, X
Final BattleTriangle, X, O, Square, Triangle

License plate meanings

CharacterLicense Plate Meaning
Sweet ToothISKREEMIce Cream
WarthogUESUVAU. S. of A.
DarksideSTNSPWNSatan(s) Spawn
HammerheadKILRGRNKiller Green
Yellow Jacket DRTOLMN Dirty Old Man
Road KillTYMTRPRTime Trooper
SpecterDHEDGIEDead Guy
Mr GrimmSOLTAKRSoul Taker
Crimson FuryTRSTNOI Trust No One
Pit ViperGN4HYRGun for Hire
ThumperDRYVBYDrive By

Game Shark Codes

Start on Level ?D018ED04 0000
8018ED04 000?
Always Play Level ?8018ED04 000?
Character is Always ?801FF6A4 000?
Player 1 Codes
Invincible801A1914 0080
One Hit Death801A1914 0000
Infinite Turbo801A19CC 0090
Infinite Power Missiles801A1C06 0002
Infinite Fire Missiles801A1C00 0002
Infinite Freeze Missiles801A1C02 0002
Infinite Homing Missiles801A1C04 0002
Infinite Tag Missiles801A1C08 0002
Infinite Rear Missiles801A1C0A 0002
Infinite Catapults801A1C0C 0002
Infinite Rear Flame801A1C0E 0002
Infinite Oil801A1C12 0002
Infinite Mines801A1C10 0002
Infinite Tire Spikes801A1C14 0002
Infinite Specials801A1C16 0002
Speed is Always ????801A1B34 0???
All Weapons Disabled Except for Gun801A1BFC 0009
Mega Rapid Fire801A1BF6 0000
Helicopter View Enabled801A1890 0004
Player 2 Codes
Invincible801A1DB8 0070
One Hit Death801A1DB8 0001
Infinite Turbo801A1E70 0090
Infinite Power Missiles801A20AA 0009
Infinite Fire Missiles801A20A4 0009
Infinite Freeze Missiles801A20A6 0009
Infinite Homing Missiles801A20A8 0009
Infinite Tag Missiles801A20AC 0009
Infinite Rear Missiles801A20AE 0009
Infinite Catapults801A20B0 0009
Infinite rear Flame801A20B2 0009
Infinite Oil801A20B6 0009
Infinite Mines801A20B4 0009
Infinite Tire Spikes801A20B8 0009
Infinite Specials801A20BA 0009
Speed is Always ???801A1ED8 0???
All Weapons Disabled Except for Gun801A20A0 0009
Mega Rapid Fire801A209A 0000
Quantity Digits to Accompany Level Modifier Codes
00 - Arena Duel
01 - Warehouse
02 - Freeway
03 - Park
04 - Cyburbia (1P Mode Only)
05 - Rooftop
06 - Arena
Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Codes
00 - Sweet Tooth
01 - Yellow Jacket
02 - Darkside
03 - Outlaw
04 - Thumper
05 - Crimson Fury
06 - Pit Viper
07 - Warthog
08 - Mr. Grimm
09 - Spectre
0A - Hammerhead
0B - Road Kill
0C - Minion (glitches)

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