Strategy Guide


Extra weapons

Start a new game and wait until the loading screen that feature the dancing pigs appears. Then, hold R1 and press Select, Right, Left, Down, X, Circle, Start. Finally, when loading has completed, press Start.

Change hair color

At the options screen, hold R1 + L1 + Select + Square and press Left, Down, Right, Up(2), Right, Down, Left.

Refill health

Since the game does not save your health status, simply save, quit, then restart from the saved game file to restore health.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite HealthD00A5430 0003
800A5430 0004
Infinite LivesD009BCE8 0102
8009BCE8 0103
Moon JumpD009C9D8 4000
800A54B0 0005
Item Codes [Note]
Item Enable (Must Use)8009C60C 00FF
Tornado3009C410 0001
100 Year Old Bell3009C411 0001
Infinite Charity Wings8009C412 0F01
Infinite Leaf Butterflies3009C41C 00FF
Bucket3009C416 0001
Telescope3009C417 0001
Tear Jar3009C418 0001
Baked Yam3009C41B 0001
Baron3009C41A 0001
Torch3009C41D 0001
Dirty Mirror3009C41F 0001
Bucket Of Water3009C41E 0001
Wood Boomerang3009C421 0001
Funky Parasol3009C420 0001
Stone Boomerang3009C423 0001
Iron Boomerang3009C422 0001
Dashing Pants3009C424 0001
Map3009C425 0001
Broken Vase3009C426 0001
Flash Pants3009C428 0001
Jumping Pants3009C429 0001
Lunch Box3009C42A 0001
Large Lunch Box3009C42B 0001
100 Year Old Key3009C42C 0001
Grapple3009C42D 0001
GrappleJack3009C42E 0001
Baby Pig3009C42F 0001
1000 Year Old Key3009C430 0001
Red Pig Bag3009C431 0001
Orange Pig Bag3009C432 0001
Yellow Pig Bag3009C433 0001
Green Pig Bag3009C434 0001
Blue Pig Bag3009C435 0001
Navy Pig Bag3009C436 0001
Pink Pig Bag3009C437 0001
10,000 Year Old Key3009C438 0001
Million Year Old Key3009C439 0001
Molasses3009C43A 0001
Large Key Panel 23009C43B 0001
Large Key Panel 33009C43C 0001
Large Key Panel 43009C43D 0001
Large Key Panel 53009C43E 0001
Fuel Bar3009C43F 0001
Rain Essence3009C440 0001
Big Key3009C441 0001
Small Key3009C442 0001
Cheese 13009C443 0001

Note: You must use the item enable code to get any items. To get the item(s), go to the item screen and use the "Sort" command and the item(s) will appear.

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