Tales Of Phantasia

Strategy Guide


Game Shark Codes

Infinite Money8008740C 967F
8008740E 0098
Infinite TPD0014A40 52AD
80131E0A 0040
D0014A40 52AD
800A1C5A 0040
Save AnywhereD00DCC8C 0200
300DCC8D 0000
D0088726 6000
80088726 6200
Unlimited Usage of All ItemsD0014A40 52AD
80014A5A 00E0
No Enemies (Except Bosses)C0087ADD 0000
30087ADD 0002
Level 999 After One Battle801459EE 7FFF
Level Up Each Round80086F00 0000
80087180 0000
Main Character All SkillsD0014A40 52AD
B0130001 0001
30086F48 0001
30087A64 00FF
30087A66 00FF
30087A68 00FF
30087A6A 00FF
30087A6C 00FF
30087A6E 00FF
Main Character Level Up800227C4 0008
800227C6 8E05
Infinite Items (Caetla Users Only)B0FF0002 0000
8008747C 6363

-From: nchen@gladstone.uoregon.edu

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