Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

Strategy Guide


Level skip

Turn Lara exactly North according to her compass, then enter the inventory screen. Highlight the "Load Game" selection, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Up, then exit the inventory screen. Note: An easy way to have Lara face exactly North is to have her hang from something facing North. -From:

All weapons, infinite ammo, medipacks

Turn Lara exactly North according to her compass, then enter the inventory screen. Highlight the "Small Medipack" selection, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Up, then exit the inventory screen. Note: An easy way to have Lara face exactly North is to have her hang from something facing North. -From:

All items

Turn Lara exactly North according to her compass, then enter the inventory screen. Highlight the "Large Medipack" selection, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Down, then exit the inventory screen. Note: An easy way to have Lara face exactly North is to have her hang from something facing North. -From:

Game Shark Codes

Max Reverse Joker CommandD00AA3BA ????
Infinite Health (Distant Attacks)D00395C4 0022
800395C6 2400
Infinite Small Medipack800AB6E0 FFFF
Infinite Large Medipack800AB6E2 FFFF
Infinite Flares800AB6E4 FFFF
Infinite Uzi Ammo800AB6E8 FFFF
Infinite Normal Shotgun Ammo800AB6EC FFFF
Infinite Wideshot Shotgun Ammo800AB6EE FFFF
Infinite Revolver & LaserSight Ammo800AB6EA FFFF
Infinite Normal Crossbow Ammo800AB6F6 FFFF
Infinite Poison Crossbow Ammo800AB6F8 FFFF
Infinite Explosive Crossbow Ammo800AB6FA FFFF
Infinite Normal Grenade Gun Ammo800AB6F0 FFFF
Infinite Super Grenade Gun Ammo800AB6F2 FFFF
Infinite Flash Grenade Gun Ammo800AB6F4 FFFF
Have Pistol [Note 1]300AB6B8 00FF
Have Uzi [Note 1]300AB6B9 00FF
Have Shotgun [Note 1]300AB6BA 00FF
Have Revolver & LaserSight [Note 1]300AB6BD 00FF
Have Crossbow & LaserSight [Note 1]300AB6BB 00FF
Have Grenade Gun [Note 1]300AB6BC 00FF
Have LaserSight [Note 1]300AB6BE 00FF
Have Binoculars [Note 1]300AB6BF 00FF
Have Crowbar [Note 1]300AB6C0 00FF
Have Mechanical Scarab Key, Winding Key &
Mechanical Scarab (No Pics) [Note 1]
300AB6C1 00FF
Spider Lara [Note 2]800AB5AA 0001
Monkey Lara [Note 3]D00AB5E0 0004
800AB5E0 0044
Weapon Modifier800AB5A4 00??
Angkor Watt Codes
Infinite Health801BB55E 03E8
Jump Further801BB55A 0040
Jump Much Further801BB55A 0080
Jump Much Much Further801BB55A 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801BB55C FFA0
Race For The Iris Codes
Infinite Health801C6318 03E8
Jump Further801C6314 0040
Jump Much Further801C6314 0080
Jump Much Much Further801C6314 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801C6316 FFA0
Tomb Of Seth Codes
Infinite Health801C99FA 03E8
Jump Further801C99F4 0040
Jump Much Further801C99F4 0080
Jump Much Much Further801C99F4 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801C99F8 FFA0
Burial Chambers Codes
Infinite Health801C3172 03E8
Jump Further801C316E 0040
Jump Much Further801C316E 0080
Jump Much Much Further801C316E 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801C3170 FFA0
Valley Of The Kings Codes
Infinite Health801B5246 03E8
Jump Further801B5242 0040
Jump Much Further801B5242 0080
Jump Much Much Further801B5242 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801B5244 FFA0
KV5 Codes
Infinite Health801C26F6 03E8
Jump Further801C26F2 0040
Jump Much Further801C26F2 0080
Jump Much Much Further801C26F2 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801C26F4 FFA0
Temple Of Karnak Codes
Infinite Health801D23D6 03E8
Jump Further801D23D2 0040
Jump Much Further801D23D2 0080
Jump Much Much Further801D23D2 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801D23D4 FFA0
The Great Hypostle Hall Codes
Infinite Health801CEFDE 03E8
Jump Further801CEFDA 0040
Jump Much Further801CEFDA 0080
Jump Much Much Further801CEFDA 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
Sacred Lake Codes
Infinite Health801B3722 03E8
Jump Further801B371E 0040
Jump Much Further801B371E 0080
Jump Much Much Further801B371E 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801B3720 FFA0
Tomb Of Semerkhet Codes
Infinite Health801D3C56 03E8
Jump Further801D3C52 0040
Jump Much Further801D3C52 0080
Jump Much Much Further801D3C52 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801D3C54 FFA0
Guardian Of Semerkhet Codes
Infinite Health801AC28E 03E8
Jump Further801AC28A 0040
Jump Much Further801AC28A 0080
Jump Much Much Further801AC28A 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801AC28C FFA0
Desert Railroad Codes
Infinite Health801BB822 03E8
Jump Further801BB81E 0040
Jump Much Further801BB81E 0080
Jump Much Much Further801BB81E 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801BB820 FFA0
Alexandria Codes
Infinite Health801B8EDA 03E8
Jump Further801BB8D6 0040
Jump Much Further801BB8D6 0080
Jump Much Much Further801BB8D6 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801B8ED8 FFA0
Coastal Ruins Codes
Infinite Health801CF27E 03E8
Jump Further801CF27A 0040
Jump Much Further801CF27A 0080
Jump Much Much Further801CF27A 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801CF27C FFA0
Pharohs, Temple Of Isis Codes
Infinite Health801CA016 03E8
Jump Further801CA012 0040
Jump Much Further801CA012 0080
Jump Much Much Further801CA012 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801CA014 FFA0
Cleopatra's Palaces Codes
Infinite Health801C4D82 03E8
Jump Further801C4D7E 0040
Jump Much Further801C4D7E 0080
Jump Much Much Further801C4D7E 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801C4D80 FFA0
Catacombs Codes
Infinite Health801CA6AE 03E8
Jump Further801CA6AA 0040
Jump Much Further801CA6AA 0080
Jump Much Much Further801CA6AA 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
Temple Of Poseidon Codes
Infinite Health801C074A 03E8
Jump Further801C0746 0040
Jump Much Further801C0746 0080
Jump Much Much Further801C0746 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801C0748 FFA0
The Lost Library Codes
Infinite Health801DDB5E 03E8
Jump Further801DDB5A 0040
Jump Much Further801DDB5A 0080
Jump Much Much Further801DDB5A 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
Hall Of Demetrius Codes
Infinite Health801B624A 03E8
Jump Further801B6246 0040
Jump Much Further801B6246 0080
Jump Much Much Further801B6246 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801B6248 FFA0
City Of The Dead Codes
Infinite Health801CB9C2 03E8
Jump Further801CB9BE 0040
Jump Much Further801CB9BE 0080
Jump Much Much Further801CB9BE 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801CB9C0 FFA0
Trenches Codes
Infinite Health801CF992 03E8
Jump Further801CF98E 0040
Jump Much Further801CF98E 0080
Jump Much Much Further801CF98E 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801CF990 FFA0
Chambers Of Tulun Codes
Infinite Health801D0FA6 03E8
Jump Further801D0FA2 0040
Jump Much Further801D0FA2 0080
Jump Much Much Further801D0FA2 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801D0FA4 FFA0
Street Bazaar Codes
Infinite Health801C2D5E 03E8
Jump Further801C2D5A 0040
Jump Much Further801C2D5A 0080
Jump Much Much Further801C2D5A 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801C2D5C FFA0
Citadel Gate Codes
Infinite Health801CF9AE 03E8
Jump Further801CF9AA 0040
Jump Much Further801CF9AA 0080
Jump Much Much Further801CF9AA 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
Citadel Codes
Infinite Health801D9216 03E8
Jump Further801D9212 0040
Jump Much Further801D9212 0080
Jump Much Much Further801D9212 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801D9214 FFA0
The Sphinx Complex Codes
Infinite Health801C1A26 03E8
Jump Further801C1A22 0040
Jump Much Further801C1A22 0080
Jump Much Much Further801C1A22 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801C1A24 FFA0
Underneath The Sphinx Codes
Infinite Health801CFC7A 03E8
Jump Further801CFC76 0040
Jump Much Further801CFC76 0080
Jump Much Much Further801CFC76 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801CFC78 FFA0
Menkaure's Pyramid Codes
Infinite Health801BD7C2 03E8
Jump Further801BD7BE 0040
Jump Much Further801BD7BE 0080
Jump Much Much Further801BD7BE 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801BD7C0 FFA0
Inside Menkaure's Pyramid Codes
Infinite Health801D66B2 03E8
Jump Further801D66AE 0040
Jump Much Further801D66AE 0080
Jump Much Much Further801D66AE 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801D66B0 FFA0
The Mastabas Codes
Infinite Health801D2346 03E8
Jump Further801D2342 0040
Jump Much Further801D2342 0080
Jump Much Much Further801D2342 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801D2344 FFA0
The Great Pyramid Codes
Infinite Health801C502E 03E8
Jump Further801C502A 0040
Jump Much Further801C502A 0080
Jump Much Much Further801C502A 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801C502C FFA0
Khufu's Queens Pyramids Codes
Infinite Health801D4E3A 03E8
Jump Further801D4E36 0040
Jump Much Further801D4E36 0080
Jump Much Much Further801D4E36 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801D4E38 FFA0
Inside The Great Pyramid Codes
Infinite Health801C8DB2 03E8
Jump Further801C8DAE 0040
Jump Much Further801C8DAE 0080
Jump Much Much Further801C8DAE 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801C8DB0 FFA0
Temple Of Horus Codes
Infinite Health801CE0B6 03E8
Jump Further801CE0B2 0040
Jump Much Further801CE0B2 0080
Jump Much Much Further801CE0B2 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801CE0B4 FFA0
Temple Of Horus 2 Codes
Infinite Health801C4C02 03E8
Jump Further801C4BFE 0040
Jump Much Further801C4BFE 0080
Jump Much Much Further801C4BFE 00C0
Moon JumpD00AA3BA 7FFF
801C4C00 FFA0
Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Code
00 - Nothing
01 - Pistols
02 - Revolver
03 - Uzi
04 - Shotgun
05 - Grenade Gun
06 - Crossbow
07 - Flares

Note 1: Enable the weapon code(s) desired, then saved the game and disable the weapon code(s).

Note 2: This code enables Lara to climb almost any wall.

Note 3: This code enables Lara to monkey bar across any reachable roof.

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